Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Strawberries Day

Since last year my dad wanted to go to Cameron and I could not spare my precious time to spent with my dad. So yesterday, I took my replacement leave and shoot to Cameron. Drove by Tapah highway and it took us approx 5 hours to reach to the peak. Do you know bout Cameron?? well...obviously when we talk bout Cameron, Boh Tea came on our mind right?? or If we went to any wet market in the city and ask any vegetable seller where the vegetables come from, they will tell you, i came from Cameron Higlands.

Anyway do you know Cameron Highland was a heaven for the British who were station in Malaya a long time a go?? It actually relief them from the hot and humid tropical climate. Days are spent pruning roses, tending to strawberries, sipping English tea and of course a little mingling.

Cameron Highlands was first stumbled upon by William Cameron, a government surveyor while on a mapping expedition in 1885, to date....Cameron Highlands still is the famous tourist spot in Malaysia.

Once me and my dad reached at Cameron Highland, we went to Boh Tea plantation, unfortunately, they closed on Monday...demmmmm.....quite a long distance and its closed on Monday....anyway I tried to beg the security but he still won't let me I went along the narrow roads aside, the view of green rolling hills makes me astonished with its scenic.....the neat regular rows of tea plants, it's such a relaxing feeling....I just snap pictures along the way out and pick some tea leaves for myself..ekeekekekek

Tea Plantation view from the narrow road

Cameron Highland famous with its strawberries and vegetables. Here you can pick your own strawberries by paying RM30 for 1/2 kg...quite expensive heh??? but its it worth and my dad went to Taman Agro Pelancongan and Raju's Strawberry Park, here you can get all kind of strawberries products such as jam, cookies, Sweets, ice cream and bla..bla..bla..bla....tasted fresh Cameron strawberries but it not sweet....well obviously strawberries in Cameron are not as sweet as those grown in overseas..hehehehehe....thus sugar powders are added to make it sweeter taste....yummy.......

Pick your fresh strawberriessssss...ehehhheehe...yum..yumm

strawberries jam in the making

fresh vegetables from farm

spent for 4 hours at Cameron Highland and we shoot back to Shah was an exhausted day i guess.....driving narrow roads from Cameron to Tapah.......anyway it was a great day spending my precious time with my beloved dad...hehehehehehe


  1. nice....caya la bro..makin mantop!!

  2. Belom mantop lagik wehh...baru merangkak nih....dah la takder orang ajar aku berjalan nih......isk..isk..iskk

  3. uu..bestnye..>___<

  4. jum ah trip ke sana ira..........